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After his period of military service (1988-1989) when he served in the Grenadiers of Sardinia in the Italian Army, Pablo Ayo held various work activities, such as tourist guide, television writer and  martial arts teacher. Since 1998, he entered in the world of journalism and began working as editor of several national magazines, as Stargate Magazine, Dossier Alieni and UFO Network, ending this job in 2001. His deep interest in the world of the unknown and supernatural led him to make various field studies, both in Italy and in other countries, such the Czech Republic, England, Tunisia, Spain, Egypt. He keep writing articles for various magazines (Nexus, Fenix, Mistero, Tutto Misteri, etc), activity that led him in 2004 to gain the title of journalist with the registration on the Journalists' Professional Order of Rome.
At the same time, pursuing his love for art and graphics, in 2004 he collaborated with the main University of Rome, La Sapienza, Villa Giulia department, in the creation of the first degree course at distance (E-Learning). Then in 2005 he began to teach graphic media and journalism in different qualification courses organized by the Province of Rome (a governmental division), an activity that he continued until 2013. In 2008 he was among the teachers of the upper IFTS (Higher Technical Education and Training), in collaboration with the E. Mattei Institute and the Unisu University. In addition to these courses for the Province of Rome (Graphic and Multimedia, Webmaster, Broadcasting Journalism, Advanced Photoshop etc), between 2008 and 2009 he teaches also Multimedia Graphics for the main private computer school in Rome, "PC Academy" (Adobe Authorized Training Center). For this school he taught courses both on-site and off-site, teaching at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Italian Republic, at the Land Registry Office of Italian Republic, at the Senate of the Italian Republic and at the Vatican Printing Office of Rome.
Since 2009 he began working, as a journalist and UFOs expert, in the TV show “Mistero”, aired by Italia1, one of the main italian TV channels (Mediaset). This cooperation still lasts today. In the same period he wrote several books, all published by national publishers: "Risposte Mancanti” (“Missing Answers”) writted with Alessia Serafin, Aracne, 2006, “La Grande Onda” (“The Great Wave”), Armenia, 2012, “Alien Report” (Uno, 2013), “Razze Aliene” (“Alien Races”), Uno, 2014, “Inchiesta UFO” (“UFO inquiry”), written with the TV journalist Sabrina Pieragostini, Mursia, 2015. In the same period he performed a series of lectures and readings throughout Italy, including cities as Milan, Naples, Turin, Rome, Bari, Udine, Ivrea, Pescara, Ravenna, Padua, Verona, Genoa, Ancona, etc.
In 2010 he worked as art director and senior graphic for the “Editori Associati” publishing house in Rome. Then again in 2015 he was hired in the same position for the publishing house “Editori per Caso” of Rome, coordinating the graphic section of the society that publish 15 different titles between magazines, newspapers, monthly magazines and weekly newspapers.
Recently he resumed his artistic passion for painting, and now is organizing many exhibitions in Italy.
He lives and works in Rome.

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